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Music Mentoring

We connect with  young people through a referral process.

We talk together to  plan a scheme of work  that cultivates creativity , connection and productivity.

Projects can be accredited so that the outcomes contribute to the young persons future.

We are able to come directly to the young person and work remotely using a mobile studio or  we can work  together from Instrumental Changes own music studio.


Access Studio

Access Studio is a space where young people can access a professional music studio environment and record alongside one of our in house engineers.

There is a training aspect to this as we encourage all young people coming to use our facilities to become proficient at running their own sessions and be able to control the studio independently.

We run a booking system where Studio time is allotted to each young person.


Play And Learn

We know the benefits for young people of learning and playing an instrument. At Instrumental Change we believe all young people should have the opportunity to learn to play an instrument.

We provide tuition on various instruments to young people at an affordable cost.

Our lessons take place after school and on the weekends, our tutors are very experienced and teach using methods that are fun and creative 

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